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Smart Sense Lighting goes to the next step in lighting industries and introduce Ceiling Lamp Inbuilt MOTION SENSOR, you can further increase efficiency and save money on energy. A recent study has shown sensors saves an average of 30-40% on energy costs.* Smart Sense Lighting is a comprehensive line of Motion sensors that offer solutions for almost any application. Whether you need a sensor that is commercial or industrial, indoor or outdoor, ultrasonic or passive infrared – or both – you're sure to find it with us. Occupancy sensors go a step beyond scheduling by detecting motion within a space and switching the lights On and Off as needed. Occupancy sensors are ideal for spaces that are intermittently occupied. Because of their easy installation, user convenience and maintenance-free operation, occupancy sensors are one of the most preferred lighting control solutions.

Applications Applications
Technical data Technical data
Discription                                  Ceiling Lamp1  
Product Name LED Ceiling Lamp LED Ceiling Lamp
Brand Name Smart Sense Lighting Smart Sense Lighting
Model No. HML-SCL-12w-AA001 HML-SCL-18w-AA001
Rated Wattage 12w 18w
Replace With 24w Fluorescent Lamp 36w Fluorescent Lamp
Input Voltage Standards 85~277VAC 50/60HZ 85~277VAC 50/60HZ
Power Factor (PF) 0.5 0.5
Color Radiation Index (CRI) ≥ 80 ≥ 80
Operating Temperature −10°C ~ +60°C −10°C ~ +60°C
Lumens Output 1080LM 1600LM
Beam Angle  180° 180°
Shape  Round Round
Product Dimension Ø220xH89 (mm) Ø300xH90 (mm)
Weight of the product 240grms 550grms
Installation Type Surface Mount/ Wall Mount Surface Mount/ Wall Mount
Height to be installed 4~6 Meter 4~6 Meter
Body Material Metal + PC Metal + PC
Protection Rating Rated IP20 Rated IP20
Average Life Span 30000HRS @ 25°C 30000HRS @ 25°C
Available Color White, Silver, Copper, Golden, Pink & Blue White, Silver, Copper, Golden, Pink & Blue
Availability In With Sensor / Without Sensor With Sensor / Without Sensor
Color Constant Temperature (CCT) 2700K (Warm White) 2700K (Warm White)
4500K (Natural White) 4500K (Natural White)
6000K (Cool White) 6000K (Cool White)
Features, Benefits Features, Benefits

Sensor Technology

Smart Sense Lighting line of Awareness Occupancy Sensors allows you to conserve energy and save money when illumination isn't necessary, while minimizing occupant annoyance caused by false activations or scheduling. Designed with flexibility in mind, Smart Sense Lighting Aware Occupancy Sensors can be used as standalone units for local control or as part of a greater unit, like the Motion Sensor Modular Lighting Control System.

A) Ultrasonic Technology -

Ultrasonic sensors detect occupancy by emitting a high-frequency signal and interpreting changes in frequency as motion. Ultrasonic sensors do not require a direct line of sight, meaning they can “see” around corners and objects. They are also highly sensitive to motion – even minor hand movement.

B) Passive Infrared (PIR) -

Designed to detect motion from a heat-emitting source, PIR sensors switch lights On and Off when a person enters or exits their field of view.

C) Dual Technology -

Dual Tech sensors combine PIR and ultrasonic technology. Lights are only activated when both sensors detect occupancy – eliminating false activation – and require one of the Technology's to keep the lights on, significantly reducing the possibility of a false deactivation.


1. The allure of our ceiling light with motion sensors are inexpensive and effective devices that can quickly and easily be installed on a   wall or ceiling.
2. Dimming lights in unoccupied areas up to 30% and turning them back on to 100% when occupants return and motion is detected   within the rage of 5mtrs.
3. Advanced LED Technology.
4. Environmental, UV and Mercury Free Lighting.
5. Low heating leads to energy saving for cooling system.
6. Compatible with most standard wall dimmers.


1. Easy to install was made with quality materials and looks beautiful with any wall or ceiling shades.
2. Advanced LED Technology.
3. 50% higher lumen.
4. Environmental, UV and Mercury Free Lighting.
5. Low heating leads to energy saving for cooling system.
6. Affordable low operational and maintenance cost.